ASPA Bill Explained

American Samoa Power Authority

American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) is a development-oriented public utility providing electricity, water, wastewater and solid waste service to over 60, 000 residents of American Samoa. We install, operate and maintain American Samoa's public utility infrastructure and offer our customers the highest quality services at affordable rates.

ASPA is both mandated by law and motivated by ideals of community service to operate as a viable and successful business entity of American Samoa Government. ASPA is directed by a five member board of directors, and administered by a Chief Executive Officer. Members are nominated to the board by American Samoa's Governor and confirmed by the Legislature of American Samoa Government.

Key Personnel of the American Samoa Power Authority

Office of the Governor:

The Hon. Gov. Lolo Moliga

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Fonoti Perelini;
Daniel King;
Peter Crispin;
Solip Hong;
Isabel Hudson;

Corporate Management:

Executive Director: Utu Abe Malae

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