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This plugin makes it easy to display lists of user avatars on your (multiuser) blog. It also allows to insert single avatars for blog users or any email address into a post or page. (Great for displaying an image of someone you're talking about.)

Please help with the plugin Translations at .

Both shortcode and widget can be configured to...

  • Show a custom title (widget only)
  • Only show specific user groups and/or hide certain users
  • Limit the number of users shown
  • Change the sort order of users or show in random order
  • Adjust the size of user avatars
  • Optionally show a user's name or biography
  • Show users from the current blog, all blogs or a selection of blogs (on WPMU/Multisite)
  • Group users by their blog (when showing from multiple blogs), and show the blog name above each grouping (experimental feature).
  • Supports users from co-authors, Ultimate Member, BBpress and BudyPress
  • the shortcode can page the avatars for large sets add a page_size to the shortcode e.g. "page_size=30"

The plugin makes use of built in wordpress (core) functions to retrieve user information and get avatars.

The Plug-in can show users from bb-press, Budy-press (xprofile) and Co-Author Plus Plug-in

  • Adjust the size of the user avatar.
  • Align the avatar left, centered or right.

Plugin support: As of April 2011, Ben is stepping down as maintainer and handing over ownership to Paul Bearne, who will provide support and drive the development of new features.

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Linwood Barclay: The eh List Authors Series | Mar 22, 2016 ...
How to Show an Authors List with Photos in WordPress
How to Show an Authors List with Photos in WordPress
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